Sight and Vision: Marvel Optics Essay

Helen Keller said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." What does that mean to you?

We live in a truly phenomenal world. Every day holds some new wonder. Those who are open to discovering what this grand universe holds, like Helen Keller, have found their vision. Sight is simply a tool in the way that hearing, taste, touch and smell are tools. Possessing the tool of sight does not guarantee the possession of vision.

To have vision is to know that each day is beautiful and contains a new adventure. To have vision is to be an individual that approaches life in a unique way. To have vision is to be human and really revel in how much there is to learn and to do. This is the vision that Helen Keller had, despite not having the ability to see. This is what she speaks of, the ability to dream, create, to see what is beyond sight.

Photo by Sienna Kwami


Reflection IV

It's funny to read this, almost a year later. My anticipation and impatience with waiting to go to college have only become more restless as the time between move-in day and I shrinks. It's also funny that I thought blogging would be the ultimate stress reliever during senior year.... the ultimate stress reliever was a long nap.

This blog has been the most active witness to my identity's crises and transformations (and lack thereof). It is a comforting space and I feel drawn to because it is, essentially, a part of my core; I've used this space since I was twelve. It's weird to think about using such a public space so casually as though I'm the only one who can read it.

This reflection is more of sticky note for myself to use this space to:

  • Archive old work
  • Catalogue research
  • Continue reflecting
  • Collect notes in a more organized manner
  • Create everyday
There's a lot I need to 'dump' into this space before I can continue on with anything.