Icon: Alek Wek

She puts the "super" in supermodel

There are a lot of models that I admire. People who know me well know that I love Cara, Coco, Jourdan, and Karlie when it comes to today’s models. But Alek Wek is one model I not only love but also look up to.
When Alek Wek was just 14 she fled her home of Sudan because it was in a civil war. Not too long later, her father died from a hemorrhage, leaving her mother to single-handedly care for her and her 8 other siblings. In 1995 Alek was spotted, by a Model 1, scout at a street fair: launching her career. Since then she’s worked for Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, and many more. On top of that she is U.N Goodwill Ambassador and a member of the U.S Committee for Refugees’ Advisory Council among other things. Alek Wek is truly a a role model for black girls and anyone in general. She has made an amazing impact on fashion and on me. Alek Wek hopefully will inspire you to overcome any challenges you have because, as corny as it sounds, anything is possible.
Photo from nymag..com. 1: Alek Wek for Kenzo 2012

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