Reflections I

My friend Michelle at Urban Outfitters a while back.
One of the best things about working towards being a photographer is that I take crazy amounts of photos of everything. I can look back on a lot of things in life, frozen in time from the click of a button. Combined with the fact that I've been blogging in one way or another for awhile, I have a pretty solid way to see how I've changed over the past two years. 

Here's a quick little comparison to what I was like when I was 13 and my blog was named "The Girl Who Wears Clothes" along with my present reactions/responses to my younger self (from my interview with I Heart Daily):

THEN: "I read blogs like The Stylish Wanderer, Ella et Cetera, and of course Sea of Shoes, and those all were my guides."
NOW: This is snippet about how I started fashion blogging. Note: I don't read Sea of Shoes and I probably won't any time soon. I wrote Sea of Shoes down more to look like I knew what I was talking about. I was a major poser then, and I wanted my blog to be known rather than produce meaningful content. Oh, young and silly me. The Stylish Wanderer is still my FAVORITE blog and I religiously read Minnie's posts and will honestly never tire of them.

THEN: "I honestly throw together whatever I think looks good. I really love Tavi Gevinson and I think she influenced me a lot."
NOW: I still love Tavi and she's a huge inspiration to me, But then I wanted to BE Tavi instead of drawing inspiration from her. I'm glad I don't try to be other people anymore because it was stressful being everyone else.

THEN: "If you were to explore my closet, my style would be expressed through vintage skirts, collared tops, and a bunch of weird printed dresses"
NOW: LOLOLOL *insert laugh crying emoji here* My closet has been rid of almost everything I owned when I gave this interview. My style has changed so drastically since then, I cannot even begin to explain it.

THEN: "Don’t let others stifle your style. You’ll regret it later on if you live inside a shell of clothes and things that don’t really express you. Don’t be the girl who watches someone be unique — be unique yourself and be the girl people watch!"
NOW: I'm pretty proud of myself for saying something like this.


As the we near the end of twenty-fourteen, I always find myself in a reflective mode about how the year has gone. I like to just type out my thoughts in an unorganized manner to let them flow. I usually post this right before or right after New Year's but around that time my thoughts are so jumbled that it never comes out quite right. So here's my 2014 reflection, a little early:

This year. What's new? This year I've learned a lot more about design and photography, the careers I plan to go into. I've learned how to use the manual mode well over the course of this fall, and I finally feel completely comfortable with my camera. I'm inspired. I'm inspired to create. I want to make content, worthwhile, magical, beautiful content. I've been bubbling with ideas, I'm always bubbling with ideas, but as the days go on, I can actually feel myself knowing more. Growing up is kind of rewarding in the sense that you can see how much you've changed and how much more you know. It's funny how something that seemed so difficult once is now like an innate ability. There was a time I didn't know how to use Tumblr and now I could spend hours on it. I had a weird year. I lost friends, gained friends, met new people, actually talked to new people. It was an emotional year. School induces a lot of strong emotions in me, and there were very low days and very high days. And it's not over yet but it's getting better. Only I can make the change. As of right now,I've never been more driven to create in my life. All I can think about is the next photo I'll take, the next picture I'll draw, the next person I'll meet. I know you're supposed to live in the moment but I love thinking about the future, it's fun and scary, and exciting. I'm especially excited to see what the new year will bring what I will do right now, or tomorrow. No more waiting for next year, it's time to do things now. I change every year, for better or for worst, and that's my favorite part about living: seeing myself change and grow,

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