Reflections II

In an attempt to log into my Vine account for the 50th time, I remembered one of my many emails for my original blog. I looked through the posts, circa 2012, and I am still amazed how much time I had put into blogging. It made me sort of nostalgic for the times blogging was my main chick and everything else was on the side. So here I am, once again, continuing my sporadic posting schedule of every few months. I really just want to vent and reflect and plan out what I need to do as well.

I miss using my blog as a space to talk, but once I get on here I have nothing to talk about.

This year had been pretty good, by March, I already believed it was the best year of my life, and now that 2016 is only two weeks away, I stand by that. In terms of friendship and happiness, it has been a great year. And professionally it has been amazing. Things Magazine has grown unbelievably since it started in January. I am grateful for the experiences I've had this year and the people I've met and the friends I've made. This is the most confident and content I've ever been at the end of a year. Even with junior year crushing me as I type, I still feel a general happiness that was lacking in previous years.

I want 2016 to be the 2.0 of 2015. I want to see what I've created grow; I want to refocus the magazines content on Boston based artists, and expand my knowledge of the local art scene. I definitely want the magazine's blog to be integrated into the site and for everything to be easy to access and visually appealing and representative of boston artists. I want more original content - I feel like the blog posts are far removed from what I want the blog to do. I want to spend more time with friends, and go out even more (though I don't truly have the energy). I need to start SAT prep. I want to grow a new business and just always have something I enjoy doing filling up my free time

There is much much more, but this is a good place to stop for now.

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