Culture Shock

This is the first personal style post I've done in about two years and within that very long hiatus, I always had a lingering need to pull out my tripod and start capturing my "looks" again. Instagram mirror shots of the day's outfit were subtle reminders that outfit posting wasn't just a far out twelve-year-old dream but something I still needed to do. And as I spent more and more time keeping track of outfits I liked, fashion houses and labels I admired and clothes I coveted, I wondered why fashion was such a big deal to me. Posting outfits I've styled will hopefully help me figure out all the questions I have. 

I have a special attachment to this shirt - not just because it dawns my ethnic makeup - because of the hard work it took to do the seemingly simple task of ironing on rhinestone letters. I hadn't worn it since the multicultural day at school, mainly because I don't know enough about either country to have the inevitable conversation with a stranger who will ask me about "where I'm from."

Thrifted red top / H&M velvet pants / Fashion Union boots

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