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There's something comforting in taking my outfit photos in my bedroom. I've recently noticed this need to capture people in intimate settings. For me, the most pleasurable photo of an artist is in their studio. Seeing where they create, having them captured in the space where they are most comfortable is an artwork in itself. As a minor and a currently unemployed person, my room is the closest to a studio I'll get before (which I'm now realizing will happen almost exactly a year from now) I'm shipped off to college. I had been struggling to simulate the outfit-mirror-selfie with my DSLR. Mirror selfies are, almost always, are flattering and they can be done quickly and in the comfort of my room - and now that I've made it possible to do about the same with my DSLR, I think outfit posting will be less of a burden and more of a stress reliever/hobby/recreational activity especially during senior year. It sounds like adding blogging to my list of things to do while applying to my future would add stress, but having this pace that has nothing to do with academics and everything to do with dressing up might just be the most important stress reliever of the year.

I thrifted this top on a trip to Los Angeles from their giant Goodwill outlet store. It's one of those pieces that inspire the simple looks that some of the best-dressed people I know have mastered. I've spent my whole life trying to find out the code to dressing well and I don't think I've found it but I do think I've learned some very important lessons on the way. And yes, I do think there is a secret formula to dressing well, it may just be different for each person, which is why it's so hard to find out; you have to know what works well on and what only you can do. Excuse the cliche, but the concept of being "unique" isn't all just middle school bullshit. That's what makes a look, that's what makes a style muse. The everyday people I look up to for their style all dress differently, but all seem to have their own formulas for looking good every day. I feel closer to finding out mine after years of mishaps (read: too long pants with too short shoes, wearing Halloween party store brand black eyeshadow, excessively printed dresses and every unflattering cut there is).

Thrifted top/ BDG jeans

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