Reflection IV

It's funny to read this, almost a year later. My anticipation and impatience with waiting to go to college have only become more restless as the time between move-in day and I shrinks. It's also funny that I thought blogging would be the ultimate stress reliever during senior year.... the ultimate stress reliever was a long nap.

This blog has been the most active witness to my identity's crises and transformations (and lack thereof). It is a comforting space and I feel drawn to because it is, essentially, a part of my core; I've used this space since I was twelve. It's weird to think about using such a public space so casually as though I'm the only one who can read it.

This reflection is more of sticky note for myself to use this space to:

  • Archive old work
  • Catalogue research
  • Continue reflecting
  • Collect notes in a more organized manner
  • Create everyday
There's a lot I need to 'dump' into this space before I can continue on with anything.

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