Lait Fraise is a photo dairy of sorts. When I was twelve, I wanted to be a fashion blogger, so I started Lait Fraise (then it was called some other name - and few others after - that I forget) and posted my outfits pretty frequently. A year and half later I started grew into a love for graphic design and drifted from fashion (or so I thought) and decided my blog wasn't what I wanted it to be and that I probably wasn't cut to be a blogger anyway. A few life crises later, I started Lait Fraise, as a fresh start, a reflection space, and revived its use for exploring fashion and style.

Hi, I'm Sienna. This is my blog. I started as a fashion blog in 2012, now I'm 17 and I don't blog as much, but I still posts outfits, fashion labels + shows that interest me, reflections, and use this space as a diary of sorts.Around the time I stopped blogging I started a magazine called Things and I do photography the rest of the time. I spend the remainder of my time on Instagram and  Pinterest.