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What is Art Patronage?

“It may simply refer to direct support (often financial) of an artist, for example by grants. In the latter part of the 20th century, the academic sub-discipline of patronage studies began to evolve, in recognition of the important and often neglected role that the phenomenon of patronage had played in the cultural life of previous centuries.”


What does your support do?

Your patronage ensures that I can continue to create work that is not influenced by any unwanted circumstances. These circumstances include, not being able to afford art supplies, not being able to eat, not being able to pay rent, not being able to pay for public transportation to work, and not being able to pay for my education.

When you become a patron, you are investing in me.

About me:

At the time of writing this I am 18 years of age and a rising sophomore at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I am majoring in Fiber, concentrating in Sustainability and Social Practice, and minoring in Humanistic studies with a focus in culture and politics. You can probably tell that I keep myself very busy and am somewhat overly ambitious.

I define my art practice as multidisciplinary. I do not feel
confined to any one medium, but I work most in fiber/
sculpture, photo, film, and graphic design. I also define my practice as a lifelong research project.

What I Want to Accomplish:

Fiber has a history that is rooted in culture, politics,
sustainability, and social practice. The history of the world can easily be talked about through the fiber traditions of different cultures. Fiber also addresses the ethics of fashion, the sustainability of fiber practices (like the amount of water used to dye mass produced fabrics or our extreme textile waste) which dominate daily life. Fiber is even woven into gender and gender roles. Engaging with fiber history and practices, the histories of marginalized peoples, theory, ethical practices, and the science of sustainability has created an important intersection in my studies. There’s a reason we say “the fabric of life.”

My goal is to continue my studies, create work that acts as a reflection, to create community spaces that educate/resource share/and
empower, to continue my research on the human experience and how we can better operate as a collective, and to really explore this vast and wonderful world.

Current Projects:

OMUSA is a project that will continue until it no
longer needs to. Through this platform I am studying
collective joy, core goodness, nature and wellness through all possible instruments. I have a deep interest in the history of nature based practices and the demonization of collective joy, herbalism, pagan-nature based beliefs by colonizing forces. This project emphasizes a return to the earth and the practices of pre-colonial cultures. It is also fundamentally interactive and will hold space for community events. This is a true passion project and labor of love.

The first production of this project is the Joy Journal. I am asking 100 people to tell me a story that makes them happy. This collection of stories analyzes core goodness and points of relief in a culture steeped in the 24-hour news cycle.

Samdi Samdi Studio
Samdi Samdi is an exploration in ethical fashion practices. It is a space for me to grow my fiber studio while selling goods to support my practice. As of now, I am practicing natural dye techniques to find the best alternatives to chemical dyes. As I learn more about fiber, I will refine my studio’s practices. This project is greatly affected by my financial capital and, therefore, is concerned with the classism tied to sustainability. This allows me to explore ecowomanism and accessibility in my studio. This studio is also concerned with the history of fiber practices and talks about them in product descriptions and on the studio blog.

World Restart
Concerned entirely with current events and research, World Restart is a podcast I co-host with my friend and activist, Fiona Phie. Simply put, it is a world-building podcast. We address current dilemmas/political crises/crimes against humanity, then world build doable solutions. This is also a community and resource sharing space.